Monica Moore, MSN, RNC

As a nurse working in a busy infertility practice over the years, I have both been the recipient, and the perpetrator, of poor nursing education/orientation. This is not intentional, but usually happens because the nurse available to teach may not always be the best one for the job, have the best materials or the time in their day to properly teach and orient nurses who are new to the fascinating, but complex, field of reproductive endocrinology.

Fertile Health, LLC, was founded as a way to remedy this, by providing unique, interactive teaching materials and excellent instructors who have a passion for teaching and the time to do it.  Since 2010, we have dedicated ourselves to the education and training of nurses, so that they are then able to use evidence-based science to empower patients with their own health and fertility. 

My educational and professional background is that I graduated from the University of Pennsylvania for both my Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees. My first job as an infertility nurse practitioner was at Cornell/NYH Center for Reproductive Medicine over 20 years ago. Since that time, I have taught nurses, physicians, students and patients, both on-site and remotely.

My focus on fertility and education has allowed me to speak with many of my peers through professional consultancy, as well as writing and speaking engagements.

Every patient is unique, and I truly believe that proper training in reproductive health practices will empower nurses and allow them to provide a considerate and productive experience to each patient they see.